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Roda, Amesterdam 2024

Live Concert at Bimhuis, Amsterdam 2023

Portrait, Young Artists Programme 2022, On The Roof

Live concert at World Music Forum NL 2022, Tivoli Vredenburg

Live Premiere at Mezrab, Amsterdam

Vento do Mar

"The wind blows, the wave blows, hits the rock hard. Soft water at hard stone, hits with fear."

An energetic song that begins with the focus on the percussion of Sjahin During, culminating in the solo of saxophonist José Soares.

"Vento do Mar" talks about the wisdom of to be ready to enjoy the life's opportunities.


"Earth, what do you echo in my footsteps? Earth, what do I feel vibrating inside of my self?" 

First through the word and after through the sound of the instruments, "Terra" is a call to the wise nature.

An attempt to connect with life, in a search for the purpose and desires. 


"Maya" talks about three common illusions in our daily lives: the importance of other people's opinions, the attachment to the past, and the fascination for greed.

Mists that captivate us in the swing of everyday life.

"The more you have, the more you want, dictates greed, driven by the power of ignorance ".

Canto de Vida

In the swing of a lullaby, rise the organic sounds of Cacha Mundinho

In "Canto de Vida" Joana Almeida tells the story of a woman's life, from childhood to the desire for her own end by the weight of age.

"My cloak of wise mantle feels the deep pull, I want to go to the other world, that this one has lost its charm".

Nove Sonhos

A travel by the world of the dream, where the communication is established in another level.

The contrast between the experience of the dream, where everything makes sense, and the return to reality, where only survives the cloudy memories that we can not describe by words .

Flor de Cereja

An arrangement by Sjahin During, joined the composition of Joana Almeida with the members of Cacha Mundinho.

"Flor de Cereja" expresses the human inability to choose who to love and how love overlaps distance and conflicts.

"Cherry blossoms grow when you touch my skin".

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