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A suitcase full of beautiful songs and stories!
We are in great company here, subtle percussion, bowed bass, soulful duduk and oboe, acoustic guitar and Portuguese vocals. The music of Cacha Mundinho, brings stories and musical influences from the past and present. And fado is also reflected in their music. Almeida was one of the very first female fado guitarists in Portugal. She immersed herself in popular and traditional Portuguese music, bossa nova and jazz.


Singersong writer Joana Almeida certainly does not identify herself as a 'singer with a band', but presents herself as a primus inter pares, sometimes with vocalises in addition to the prominent oboe and duduk parts of Maripepa Contreras. With the deep bass of Pedro Ferreira and the adventurous and tasteful percussion of Sjahin During, it creates a completely unique sound world.

Jazzflits magazine by Herman te Loo

Convincing debut from this Amsterdam quartet around singer and guitarist Joana Almeida. Percussionist Sjahin During paints evocative sound landscapes and provides sharp accents and surprising breaks, while (alto) oboist Maripepa Contreras offers melodic response to Almeida's vocal lines as well as blows the stars away with free improvisation. Pedro Ivo Ferreira (double bass) contributes colorful pieces. 

Mixed World Music by Ton Maas 



An international quartet, an unusual line-up and a jazzy approach, in which the surprising percussion plays a significant and playful role. The arrangements are fabulously beautiful. Just listen to how they start a song like Canto de Vida. I find that breathtakingly beautiful. And that goes for this entire album – the songs are great, the singing is beautiful, and all four musicians are phenomenally good, and they play phenomenally well together too. Beautiful, beautiful! 

Moors Magazine


This time we turn the spotlight on Portuguese/Amsterdam band Cacha Mundinho. The name it comes from Cape Verdian and means “Catch a small world”. They make an exciting mix of the influences of fado, jazz, morna and Brazilian music! 

Concertzender by Ab de Haas


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